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1. How are the children escorted to and from School?

We have a strict escorting policy. There is always at least two members of staff; one at the front of the line and one at the back. Where lines are larger, we have a third member of staff in the middle of the line. The staff stop at the road and stand in the middle so the children can cross safely. The children walk in pairs and supervised to stay close against the wall, away from the roadside

2. Do I need to let you know if my child won’t be attending a session?

Yes, we need to know if your child will not be attending Afterschool Club, whether you pick them up yourself, they are off sick or on Holiday. However, we do not need to be informed if your child will not be attending Breakfast Club

3. Do you cater for allergies?

Yes, we have a strict food hygiene and allergies policy. We will take special food requests for both breakfast and afternoon snack

4. Is there a half day option for Holiday Club?

No, unfortunately we cannot provide this. As the children go on a trip between 11am and 3pm, we are not at the premise for a half day drop off